In My Room

In My Room

$25.00 CAD - $30.00 CAD

2-colour risograph
22 pages, hand sewn saddle-stitch binding
8 x 8"
Edition of 50
October 2020

In My Room is a fever dream, a memory, a vision. This narrative photo zine delves into tangled emotions using peculiar photography and surreal storytelling.

In collaboration, multidisciplinary artists Rachel Lau and Timothy Fernandes illustrate the boundless world of the mind, emphasizing the importance of exploring the limits of the self in this time of intense solitude. In bringing you into their world, they hope to provoke the same curiosity of interiority, in your room.

In My Room comes with access to a secret soundtrack mix by Autonomy.

Printed lovingly by Moniker Press (Vancouver)

*Books are made to order at the moment, so please allow for 1-2 weeks of production time before the order is shipped*

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